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Rewards are earned whenever you place an order with Food Fetcherz using your account (not a guest account).

You will receive 1 reward point for every $1 spent on an order! (SUBTOTAL, NOT the grand total)

You can automatically REDEEM your rewards for gift cards when logged into your account. It is as easy at 1...2...3! 

**Note: The more points you save up, the bigger the deal you can redeem!!**

Steps to redeeming points for gift cards:

1. Log into your Food Fetcherz account.
2. Click on Rewards Marketplace on the left hand side under
3. Choose which gift card you would like to receive in exchange for the points you have earned. CLICK REDEEM.

You can choose a gift card for your Food Fetcherz orders or choose from other vendors!

Food Fetcherz:

In order to receive reward points, you must have an account with Food Fetcherz!

Create an account with us today to get your points started! Order now by clicking on the RESTAURANTS tab and choose your favorite restaurant!